What we set out to do

The “Narrating Label” project is grafted onto the modern trend of promoting actions of real social inclusion for all people with disabilities (in particular the blind and partially sighted). The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities indicates as a perspective “full inclusion and participation in society” of all persons with disabilities.

This project was born from the collaboration of local Calabrian institutions:


The context

Various and diverse are the elements that characterize the current context of people with disabilities;

  • Difficulty of reaching all people with disabilities by means of adequate services and modern technologies, both among those who need more support and those considered less serious;
  • Fragmentation of interventions, which force families to take responsibility also for the relationships between the various institutions and the various services;
  • Mission entrusted to operators and services is often limited to “assisting and caring” without dealing with existential perspectives;
  • Difficulty, sometimes the impossibility for people with disabilities to carry out simple but important actions such as shopping alone.

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The project

Shopping alone is certainly a possibility that able-bodied people often take for granted, indeed, it is often considered a burden, an obligation, a task that they would gladly do without. In the case of a disabled person, this action requires “ad hoc” tools, first of all, the ability to access information on the products to be purchased.

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Who we are

Sisspre creates and adapts innovative and experimental technologies to the agricultural and production fields, making them applicable and effective. This translates into cutting-edge services for Agrifood companies, at sustainable costs. The dual advantage of this process, namely technological innovation of systems applied to agriculture (in this first phase), means real protection of the “Made in Italy” products and, above all, practical protection of the priceless biodiversity of Italian crops.

How does it work

An interface structured for maximum ease of use by people with disabilities (in particular the blind and visually impaired), the entire area of the telephone allows with a single touch to start the execution of the audio or the descriptive video, the side scrolling allows the user to move from one information section to the next.



Read the QR Code available on the products enabled with any QR Code scanning APP.



Tap on the display of your smartphone to play the audio or video.



Swipe sideways to access the next information.