The project

Shopping alone is certainly a possibility that able-bodied people often take for granted, indeed, it is often considered a burden, an obligation, a task that they would gladly do without. In the case of a disabled person, this action requires “ad hoc” tools, first of all, the ability to access information on the products to be purchased.

From this fact, the Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Calabria, Italy, (UICI), in collaboration with CREA (Italy), developed the idea of expanding the normal definition of “label” in order to be usable even by a blind or partially sighted person. On the basis of their indications, SISSPre (in cooperation with BinarioGP) has therefore developed a software platform that allows in a simple and immediate way to create labels consisting of photos, videos, texts, but also voice narration; all these elements, freely composed according to the type of product and the information to be transmitted, allow the consumer, through their smartphone, to access various types of information on the product they intend to purchase. In fact, a QRCode is generated by the platform which is placed on the product and which, scanned via smartphone, allows with a simple touch (click) to start the narration on the consumer's device, whether able-bodied or partially sighted / blind. The latter, through vocal narration (which reproduces the same text described on the part of the video or images), is able to understand the characteristics of the product in question in the same way.